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Preparing Your Home for Sale

First impressions are extremely important when marketing a property. When beginning the listing process we create a list of suggestions to prep the property for marketing for the owner. A vital step in our process is the preparation of the property so buyers and brokers see it in the best possible light. If a buyer thinks a home is well maintained they will consider that when making an offer and brokers are more enthusiastic when they show it. We encourage owners to create a budget and we can prioritize our suggestions. Following our suggestions will help your property sell quicker and for more money!

This is the most comprehensive list for preparing your home for sale you will find.

• Trim Bushes and trees
• Keep Lawn Mowed and free of clutter
• Flower beds groomed
• Make sure all outdoor lighting is operational
• Sprinkler systems should be operational and marked
• Any rotten trim, fencing or siding should be replaced
• Clean the deck and put sealer on it.
• Place new house numbers in a highly visible spot. The fire dept. requires this anyhow, so make it count!
• During the winter, keep the driveway and walkways shoveled and ice free.
• Clean the roof. We see many roofs that are perfectly fine, but with moss and scrub pine needles covering them, it creates doubt in a buyers mind.
• Clean out the gutters and replace missing downspouts.


• Create a neutral environment. If there are too many family photos buyers have trouble picturing themselves in the house.
• Arrange the furniture for easy traffic flow
• Clean windows, inside and out
• Repair any broken glass or ripped screens
• Get rid of cobwebs. Look high and low!
• Paint with neutral colors
• If budget allows, refinish wood floors
• Fix squeaky flooring
• Reduce clutter
• Change out non-working light bulbs
• Add three sources of light to dark rooms
• Dust all light fixtures and ceiling fans
• Leaky faucets should be repaired
• Make sure all smoke and CO2 detectors are in working order and properly placed
• Lubricate noisy door hinges
• Remove dead house plants

• Clean the kitchen appliances and keep them clean!
• Organize kitchen cabinets and all closets…buyers love to open doors
• Kitchen floors should sparkle
• Pet dishes and litter boxes should be placed elsewhere
• Keep counters and tables free of clutter
• Clean and organize the refrigerator

Living rooms, Dens, Family rooms
• Remove most (if not all) of the family photos. You want to encourage the buyer to picture themselves and their family living in your home.
• Open blinds and curtains to let natural light in.
• Free up wall space. Move or remove furniture so more wall is showing. This creates the illusion of a larger living area.
• Clean the fireplace and chimney

• Make the beds
• Organize closets-buyers love to look in closets.
• Rugs should be vacuumed and wood floors sparkling
• Burrow tops should be dusted and clear of personal items.
• Put all jewelry out of site.

• The countertops should be clean and personal items put away
• Fixtures should sparkle
• Toilet seats should be down during all showings
• Showers and tubs should be cleaned
• Floors should be cleaned
• Towels should be on racks and folded neatly

Basement- As odd as it sounds, Buyers love nothing more than a clean, organized basement.
• Sweep the floor.
• Get rid of junk
• Remove cobwebs
• Have your heating system serviced
• Have your septic system inspected

The more of these items you do, the more likely feedback from showings will be positive.

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