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Interested in Buying a Lot on Cape Cod?

Buying a piece of land is harder than buying a house. I’ll say that again…buying a piece of land is harder than buying a house.

For the most part, you know what you are getting when you buy an existing structure. When you purchase land you have no idea what can be built. Land is a blank canvas waiting for your dream creation. The results can be extremely rewarding, which is why people continue to look for land on Cape Cod.

A small sample of aspects to consider: town water or well, oil or natural gas heat, what size septic, septic location, house location, architectural style, floor plan, what contractor, etc., etc., etc. These aren’t items you have to think about when purchasing a pre-existing home which is why buying land requires quite a bit more planning. It takes a special Buyer to go through that process.

When we represent Buyers looking to build, we are prepared to assist in all facets of the purchase of the property and beyond. The offer on a piece of land needs to cover entirely different parameters vs a home purchase. We use specific language, designed to protect your interests. We can also assist in finding the right builder through our contractor connections. Whether you decide on new (site-built) or modular construction, our Team will have someone available to answer all your questions.

We are available at anytime via our Team number, 508-258-9010 or Email our Team.

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